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We have over 300 different patterns for you to choose from! To make it easier, we have broken them down into several categories. The pattern pages are very image intensive, so please be patient while they load.

Please refer to the name and number when referencing a pattern.

NEW! New patterns coming soon to the lineup!!! NEW! ⇐ look for this

Camouflage Set 1 Camouflage Set 2 Wood Grains 1 Wood Grains 2 Wood Grain 3
Woodland Mimicry Navy Digital Camo Brown Stripe Grain Carpathian Elm Burl HPS 262
Camouflage Set 1 Metallics Stone Designer  
HPS 122 Carbon Fiber Diamond Plate Mauve Marble Skullz  

Note: Our patterns are represented as closely as possible, but due to the variations that exist in computer displays the actual product may differ slightly.