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Frequently Asked Questions:

We hope this list covers the majority of your questions, but if you have specific questions that aren't covered here, please feel free to contact us.

  • Can you do solid colors?
    Of course! We even have several ways to do it depending on the substrate. In addition to the hydroprint, we also have extensive experience applying CeraKote and GunKote as well. Generally speaking the pricing is roughly the same. On some pieces there may be a slight discount for a solid color versus a printed piece, but the amount of labor involved is nearly identical so very often it doesn't make much difference at all. We would be happy to give you a quote.
  • Can you print on my <insert item>?
    Nearly any surface or part that is a hard (non-flexible) surface that can get wet will be able to be printed. A wide variety of flat or 3-D shapes with compound curves, and the majority of manufacturing materials (plastics, metals, wood, glass, ceramics and much more) can be printed. One of the significant advantages of water transfer printing over traditional decorating methods is that it does allow printing of dimensional and curved surfaces without leaving seams or voids.
  • My shotgun/rifle/whatever has some surface rust on it. Can you fix that?
    Yes! We can provide restorative services for even very heavily rusted or abused surfaces, but additional charges may apply. Most new condition materials will need minimal preparation. Heavily weathered/oxidized/rusted or otherwise compromised materials and certain types of plastics will likely need additional preparation (some plastics such as ABS don't need any prep at all!). If you aren't sure about your particular application we invite you to contact us and we will help you determine the best materials for your project.
  • What is the cost?
    We are a competitive value with other finishing processes, especially when you consider what you are getting. Water Transfer Printing is economical and overcomes problems faced by conventional methods such as hot printing, screen printing, transfer printing, and conversion coating. Please see our price list for more information.
  • Why do similar sized parts vary in price?
    HPS Pricing is within industry standards and is not a reflection of the size of a particular part, but rather how much labor is involved with the peculiar challenges of printing each piece.
Pink Camo SCUBA tank
MultiCam STG 556 AUG Rifle
  • How long is your turn-around time?
    We currently quote a roughly 3 week turn-around. It may not actually take the full 3 weeks to produce your piece but we like to give plenty of time for rework if necessary, and more importantly for the curing of our top coats to provide maximum durability. We also need to schedule around jobs that have come in the door ahead of you. Rush service may be available (for a slight premium) and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis if requested. Please note that we said roughly 3 weeks! We want each and every job to be the very best it can be and take great pride in our work. Sometimes it takes just a little longer to get it exactly right, and we ask for your patience and understanding. If you have a specific date you need your item back by, please make us aware of it and we will certainly do our best to accomodate it, but we also ask that you respect our other clients and not abuse this if it really isn't critical.
  • Does it really take that long?
    We do not assembly line our custom refinishing orders. Each order is processed by hand individually from start to finish. While this takes longer, we feel it allows us to afford extra care with YOUR precious items and the superior results of the finished product are worth the extra time.
  • Can items that are not correctly printed be reprinted?
    Yes, items that are not printed to our satisfaction can in most cases be reprinted. This can be especially important for our OEM clients to reduce waste. We strive for a level of quality that both you and we can be proud of. We also have the ability to "fix" poor quality work done by other jobs or even the DIY finish you may not be 100% happy with.
  • How scratch resistant or durable is the final product?
    Durability of the finish is largely dependent upon initial surface prep and clear top coat. We have several different options for the top coats we use depending upon the application. The most common product is a 2 part urethane similar to that used on auto exteriors. Other products may be used where circumstances such as high heat or other environmental concerns may apply. Our favorite example of the durability is the red M16 pictured on our gallery page. As of this writing it has just over 14 thousand rounds through it and looks nearly as good as when we first dipped it.
  • Do you have to cover a decorated part with clear coat?
    The clear top coat is an important and integral part of the process. It assures optimal results for scratching firmness and longevity and adds minimal surface thickness to the print. It also allows us to give you the desired level of sheen for your project - from matte/flat to high-gloss and everything in between.
  • Can you do <insert pattern> camo?
    Our supplier is the largest supplier of camouflage films worldwide. They are the exclusive distributor for several camouflage companies including Backland Outdoors, Brush Country, Crye Precision's Multicam, Cowboy Camo, GameGuard Camouflage, King's Outdoor World, LongLeaf, Lynch Outdoor Products, Mathews Lost Camo, Montana Camouflage, Mothwing Camo, Next Camo, Rocky Mountain Camouflage, SnakeSkin Illusions, Tiger Stripe Products, Toadbak, TruWoods, Vanish Camo and others. Take a look at our pattern guide, we have over 350 different patterns to choose from!
  • Can you create a custom film or pattern?
    Yes we can, but it is often cost prohibitive for anything other than OEM applications due to the minimum amounts of film that would need to be purchased (think $4-6 thousand to develop a film). Artwork can usually be taken through to prototype film within approximately 6 weeks. If you want something different than the stock patterns, many of our patterns can be further customized by changing the color of the base coat! Take a look at our gallery and you can see some examples. HPS-299 water drops is a perfect example of this, as are many of the carbon fibers or HPS-455 Skullz, one of our most popular.
  • Can you do something else custom for me?
    Absolutely! We love these kind of jobs and may of them find their way onto our facebook page. If have an idea for something you want to see, give us a shout and let's discuss the project. Often times we can do custom stencilling of words or logos (copyright violations will be refused!), or create exotic one-of-a-kind pieces with a little imagination. The biggest limitation is your imagination!
Purple Carbon Fiber KelTec P11
ATACS AR-15 and Glock 19
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Yes, HPS will warranty dipped products for 1 year for any failure that is determined to be HPS's responsibility. Negligence and improper care are not considered warranty circumstances. We will include information relating to warranty and product care with your return shipment. Non warranty touch ups service is available at a slightly reduced rate. Revolver cylinders are not warrantied for cylinder ring wear, nor are flexible surfaces such as rubber butt pads or flip-up scope covers. Bipods will not be warrantied due to excessive wear.
  • How should I prepare my piece before I send it to you?
    Many parts are fine as-is, but certain items need a little bit of work on your part. We're happy to do it, but will need to charge accordingly. All parts should be clean. Automotive parts shoud be grease and grime free. Firearms should be cleaned and grease free - a light oil for preservation is fine, but if your gun is caked or soaked with grease or cosmolene, or is exceptionally dirty from your last twenty range sessions, you're better off to do the removal yourself. If it comes to us like some of the surplus guns we've seen, we will have to charge you for this extra labor. We will contact you for approval before we start the work if this is necessary. Special note about firearms: You may choose to disassemble and reassemble your gun yourself, have your local shop do it, or you may pay our gunsmith to do so. Damage caused by you or your gunsmith during reassembly will not be considered a warranty repair. Most firearms will need to be detail stripped (not just field stripped). If you send it disassembled, please only send the parts that you wish coated. We don't need (or want to have to keep track of!) any extra little pieces and parts.
  • Will you sell me film to dip my own items?
    Simply put, no. We are not a film distributor and to do so would jeopardize our excellent relationship with our suppliers.