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Cerakote offers over 100 different solid colors for you to choose from! We currently stock about 40 colors and are happy to order additional colors with a minimum of $100 order. We can also custom-blend many colors and of course do patterns, camos or even stencil logos and words with it. Please call or email to discuss those options and pricing for complex jobs. Simple solid color pricing is the same as our hydrographic pricing.

Please be aware that monitor colors can vary a bit and the on-screen representations may be slightly different than the actual color. We do have spray out samples of the actual colors if you happen to come to the shop.

Click here to download a PDF chart of all the colors (1.3MB)

Below are our currently stocked colors. Please use the name when referencing a color.

Bright White H-140
Prison Pink H-141
Magpul Pink Custom
Beneli Sand H-143
Graphite Black H-146
Satin Mag H-147
Brunt Bronze H-148
Midnight Bronze Custom
Satin Aluminm H-151
Zombie Green H-168

Sky Blue H-169

Matches UF Gators Blue

Titanum H-170
Blue Titanium H-185
Dark Blue Titanium Custom

Armor Black H-190

Also C-series high-temp

Highland Green H-200
John Deere Green Custom
Federal Brown H-212
S&W Red H-212
Bright Purple H-217
Crimson H-221
Rhode Pink H-223
Thistle (light Purple) Custom
Patriot Brown H-226

Magpul Foliage H-231

Also C-series high-temp

Magpul OD Green H-232
Coyote Tan H-235
Safety Orange H-243
Bright Pink H-244

Socom Blue H-245

Closest match to traditonal blueing

Desert Verde H-256

Magpul FDE H-267

Also C-series high-temp

Corvette Yellow H-144
Blasted Stainless Custom

AR Mag Gray Custom

Close to H-214 Smiths Gray

Gunmetal Custom